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Tracing The Dark Origins Of Charlottesville's KKK

The front page of The Daily Progress , Charlottesville's local paper, on June 28, 1921, offers a mix of local minutiae folded in with larger news. "VALUABLE DOG DEAD," shouts one headline. And then, right up near the top, bordered with teeny asterisks, is this headline: "KU KLUX KLAN ORGANIZED HERE." An article from The Daily Progress on June 28, 1921, announces the formation of Charlottesville's KKK. The Daily Progress hide caption What follows is this reverential, two-paragraph recounting of the local Klan's birth: "The spirit of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest hovered over Charlottesville recently, and the fiery cross, symbolic of the Invisible Empire and of the unconquered and unconquerable blood of America, cast an eerie sheen upon a legion of white robed Virginians as they stood upon hallowed ground and renewed the faith of their fathers. "Which is by way of saying that the Ku Klux Klan has been organized in this city. Hundreds of Charlottesville's leading business and professional men met around the tomb of Jefferson at the midnight hour one night last week and sealed the pledge of chivalry and patriotism with the deepest crimson of red American blood. It is said that the reorganization of the Klan is proceeding rapidly throughout the State, the South and the Nation." It was the first of many articles from The Daily Progress about the Charlottesville KKK and its activities. After events like what happened this past weekend in Charlottesville, I always find it instructive to look back at history and how people and ideologies were framed Skip Trace then — and how people see or don't see them today.

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