Logical Strategies In Skip Tracing In Finding People Using Skip Tracing Tool Simplified

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PI Education 300×250 Scott Harrell Comments Skip tracing is a term that refers to the process of finding a person whose whereabouts are unknown. This term is based upon the word skip, which is often used to describe a subject who is believed to be skipping out on his or her duties and obligations such as a debt or court appearance. Private sector investigations occur on behalf of a wide variety of client-types: Family members looking for long-lost relatives. Friends looking for persons with whom they lost touch many years ago. Attorneys looking for missing heirs in probate cases. Creditors looking for those who owe them money. A bail bondsman looking for a client who has failed to appear in court. An insurance company looking for a missing witness to an insured loss. A parent looking for their child who has run away or was abducted. Private Investigators looking for a scam artist or identity thief. The list goes on and on really.

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